Sold out again! We had 2 booths at Tokyo Game Market 2022 Spring.

Saturday, April 23 and Sunday, April 24, 2022 11:00-17:00Venue: Tokyo Big Sight Tokyo Game Market is the largest analog game event in Japan.Banana Moon Games will be exhibiting at two booths. ・Banana Moon Booth: West Hall 1 [O-13] In addition to the new title “Pipo,” “Gingham Coco,” “#Gome-kei,” “Go Go Jenny,” “Bistro FLIP,” “BABA […]

Bossa Kickstarter campaign is over. 1,420% Achieved!

Our Bossa campaign on Kickstarter has come to an end. Thanks to the great support of each and every one of our backers, the results have far exceeded our expectations. 1,420% Achieved! We would also like to thank our collaborators and suppliers, without whom the Bossa project would not have been possible. We would like […]

About Mr. Tadokoro, an amazing paper craft artisan – Bossa on Kickstarter

Today, We would like to share with you the work of our trusted artisan, Masayuki Tadokoro.  Mr. Tadokoro is a highly skilled and artistic paper craft artisan.  He and his team of artisans handcraft the game components of Bossa CLASSIC edition one by one.  And only Mr. Tadokoro can make the components of THE ART […]

THE ART edition tiles durability – Bossa on Kickstarter

Today I shot a video on my desk about the durability of Bossa THE ART edition.  I would be happy to share it with you, the backers. – Comparison of a brand new tile and a tile we used repeatedly for almost a year of test play: how much it is scratched and dirty. – […]

THE ART edition “mizu” and “hana” have a different feel! – Bossa on Kickstarter

Today, we would like to introduce the difference in the tiles of “mizu” and “hana”, which is not only the color.  THE ART edition “mizu” and “hana” are both flagship versions of Bossa, and have the same “specifications” as far as their 9-layer construction.  However, the playing experience will be different.  At least for us, […]

Bossa THE ART edition boxes are finalized!

THE ART edition “mizu” and “hana” are the flagship versions of Bossa.  Today, we would like to share with you some details about the boxes, which were only briefly mentioned on the Kickstarter project main page. Pre-lot production of Bossa THE ART edition boxes is now complete.  This is not the prototype but the finished […]

Selected as a “Project We Love” – Bossa on Kickstarter

Good news, Bossa has been selected as a “Project We Love” by the Kickstarter team.We are so happy and honored!Thanks to our backers for your early support! Bossa on Kickstarter• Period: Thursday, March 24 – Wednesday, April 13

Funded in 8 hours! – Bossa on Kickstarter

Thank you for supporting Bossa’s Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.We have reached our funding goal 8 hours after launch!The campaign will run for 3 weeks. Please let your gaming friends know. Bossa on Kickstarter• Period: Thursday, March 24 – Wednesday, April 13

Crowdfunding for Bossa has launched!

We have launched a crowdfunding campaign for Bossa on Kickstarter. Bossa is a stylish 2-player game that was well received at Game Market 2021 Autumn. We hope to bring the world a higher version of Bossa from Japan, with high quality and beautiful components made by skilled craftsmen, and with a special attention to the […]