Crowdfunding for the latest title GACHIJO, launching in 2024!

GACHIJO - Four Ninja and the Castle of Treasures
Takes you on a Thrilling Ninjitsu Adventure
in a Dynamic Moving Maze Castle

Banana Moon Studio Sapporo (バナナムーン・ステュディオ) makers of the game Bossa, will launch a ninja inspired game “GACHIJO - Four Ninja and the Castle of Treasures” on Kickstarter. Step into the world of ancient Japanese feudal lords, and utilize stealthy ninja abilities to complete various missions to race to collect treasures. GACHIJO - Four Ninja and the Castle of Treasures is co-designed by Martin Nedergaard Andersen a Danish game designer, and Banana Moon Studio Sapporo.

GACHIJO - Four Ninja and the Castle of Treasures is a 2-4 player game, set in the Sengoku period where players have been sent as ninjas into a mysterious trap-filled legendary castle full of treasures, ‘Gachijo’. Players navigate through ever-moving sliding walls, battle other fellow ninja opponents, summon specters ‘helpers’, and use their ninjitsu abilities to compete and gather treasures for their warlord masters. Complete all the tasks in your mission, send a signal by flying your ninja flag and race back to your base to be victorious.



GACHIJO - Four Ninja and the Castle of Treasures has multiple castle layouts scenarios, and four mission levels that can accommodate for novice ninjas (elementary level) all the way to seasoned ninjas (advanced scenarios which play longer).  The game features a unique mechanic of sliding the walls of the castle around each turn.

The Kickstarter Campaign will run in 2024 to raise funds to manufacture this game and bring it to life with all its unique Japanese themed components.



GACHIJO - Four Ninja and the Castle of Treasures Features

1: A Cutting-Edge Innovative Moving Maze

The Gachijo castle uses an innovative unique design which shifts and moves the walls on the game board while keeping the player’s characters stable.  Each turn, players slide a special layer of walls to stealthy move their ninjas through hidden sections of the walls.

2: Multiple Stage Settings and Missions

The game comes with Stage settings of varying difficulty which can be used to change the layout of the castle and surrounding areas.  As well as mission levels, ranging from elementary to advanced.  In the campaign more stages may be unlocked.

• Standard Edition: 2 stages (maximum of 5 stages if all are unlocked)
• Deluxe Edition: 6 stages (maximum of 9 stages if all are unlocked)

3: Use of Ninjitsu as well as Summon Specters

Players use various ninja tools to help them achieve their goal.  They may also summon Japanese Specters as allies to chase down opponents.

4: Designed in Japan, blending historical and tales of lore

The design team researched the special skills ninjas used, their traditional tools and historical information.


This game has been 3 years in the making.

Banana Moon Studio Sapporo is an innovation and creative design company led by Hiroshi Maeda who has won many awards in Japan. They are based in Hokkaido, the northernmost part of Japan, and 2020 marked their 30 year anniversary since the company was founded. They started making games in 2019 and publishing games under the brand name Banana Moon Games. Banana Moon Studio Sapporo’s motto is “Designing Smile Time”, which is the design of the passage of time until they are smiling

The team are professionals in graphic and product design, and strive to pay close attention to the detail and quality of workmanship of the components. Their focus is on creating language independent games, including an element of luck (balanced with strategy), and games where creatures are never in peril. They have created 15 game titles, and have run a few successful Kickstarter campaigns including the beautiful 2 player game made by local paper artisans in Japan, “Bossa” and “Bossa 2023”.

Martin Nedergaard Andersen is a Danish game designer who has published +250 different games around the world. His first work was published in 2007. Outside of inventing games, Martin immerses himself into the world of travel 4-7 months of the year and is also a writer and photographer documenting his travels. The original design of ‘Gachijo’ was developed in collaboration with the team from Banana Moon Studio Sapporo.

Supporters of the campaign can select from either the Standard edition or the Kickstarter Exclusive Deluxe edition with the rules in English and Japanese. Other language rulebooks will be available for download to backers after the campaign.

GACHIJO - Four Ninja and the Castle of Treasures
: 2-4 players
Time: 15-90 minutes (depending on the Stages selected, and the Missions selected)

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