[Bossa 2024 new edition] Standard-neo is released!

A simple yet stylish game of tactics, strategy and a little luck for 2 players.
[Expansion Modifier Chips Included]

Based on the Standard Edition, the most compact and casual edition of the Bossa series, the new Standard-neo Edition is now available with two types of expansion modifier chips, "Doubler" and "Inverter!

Two new modifier chips have been added to Bossa: “Doubler” and “Inverter”. Each modifier chip performs the function of modifying the number or the colors of dots on a particular single tile.
It will provide more strategic and thought evoking fun for both frequent players and Bossa beginners.

Instructions: Japanese and English are included in printed version; French, German, and Italian are provided as downloadable PDFs.


New feature: Expansion Modifier Chips

Doubler: makes the number of dots on a particular single tile count double.

InverterInverts the colors of dots on a particular single tile.


About Bossa

A two player game with dice and tiles.

Decide each player’s dice color, then according to the dice pips’ color and number place corresponding tiles alongside their dice.

Utilizing 3 action tiles, avoid being backed into a corner and play your tiles. One more or one less tile only can be placed alongside previously place tiles.

The player who uses all the tiles in their hand or has 6 rows of tiles on their own color line takes the win.

Bossa has two set of rules: the “Regular Rules” and the “Novice Rules” for beginners.


Instruction Video: Regular Rules [English]


Instruction Video: Novice Rules [English]


Optional Expansion Rules [English]


Official Website: Bossa STANDARD-neo