GACHIJO in Depth: Hidden Treasures and Lucky Items


GACHIJO's treasures are imbued with magical powers that warlords desperately desire, and lucky items have mysterious powers.



Kagami, Sacred Mirror

The reflection of the mirror is imbued with the precious power of God.
Warlords vie for it to reflect their own image.

Kozuchi, Mallet of Luck

Chant your wish shaking the mallet to make it come true.
It is the treasure of the dreams of warlords who wish to rule the world.

Koban, Ancient Japanese Gold Coin

Indispensable for warlords who need huge amounts of gold for armaments and troops.

Kabuto, Monarch’s Helmet

A symbol of supreme authority with its ornate golden decoration, coveted by warlords.


Revered as a spirit stone, sometimes transformed into treasure, sometimes summoning specters.


Lucky Items

Kaeru, Lucky Frog

Frogs are traditionally associated with good luck in Japan. The Japanese pronunciation of the word is “ka-e-ru,” which has the same pronunciation as the word for “return”. It is a wish that if you lose something, it will come back to you.

Gacha, The Unexpected

Gacha (我知也) is the game's original word, a kind of oracle that acts as a supernatural force and changes the situation. Since you never know what you will get, it is like the Japanese “omikuji” or vending machine “gacha".


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