The author talks about GACHIJO [GACHIJO Designer’s Diary 02]


GACHIJO - Four Ninja and the Castle of Treasures: Episode 2

Written by Hiroshi Maeda, GACHIJO team leader



Hi ninjas! I am Hiroshi Maeda, GACHIJO team leader.

Our new board game "GACHIJO - Four Ninja and the Castle of Treasures" is a treasure hunting game in which players use their wits and ninja skills in a moving maze castle. It is a collaboration between Danish game designer Martin Nedergaard Andersen and Banana Moon Games in Japan.

Today we have Martin Nedergaard Andersen, the original author of this game, to talk about GACHIJO. Watch the video as well!



Hey there I'm Martin.
I'm the game designer behind the game called GACHIJO which is coming out in a couple of weeks on Kickstarter.

I've been a full-time game designer for 13 years and I've licensed more than 250 games to more than 100 diffarent companies all over the world.
But I have to say this one here I'm very very excited about the basic idea.

When I came up with it was I wanted to do a game where instead of simply moving the pawns (standing pieces) on the board like you always do. I wanted to have a game where you move the board under the pawns with the pawns staying in the same place.

And I found this Japanese company, Banana Moon Games that also like the idea and they've been doing an amazing job. It's so different from my original idea, it's much more clever.

Now it has a super cool Japanese theme where you are ninjas trying to work way through do a ninja castle collecting different things, performing different tasks make it back toyour home before the other ninjas, and along the way you can choose to fight them, you can go through hidden passageways, and you need to climb walls or go underwater, and it's very very cool and the walls keep moving in the castle.

So yeah I think it's one of the most exciting projects I've working on.
So head over to Kickstarter not going to take any more of your time go over there have a look and see if you like it, but if you like board games I'm pretty sure you'd like this one. So hope to see you in the ninja castle soon.

Take care, bye.
Martin Nedergaard Andersen


We're also super happy to have worked with Martin on this super cool game!

Thank you everyone for reading and watching.
From our next post, we will be bringing you topics related to shinobi, or the world of GACHIJO!
We stayed in one of the birthplaces of the Japanese ninja, did our research, and created a fictional world. We hope you enjoy it!

GACHIJO Team Leader Hiroshi Maeda


GACHIJO on Kickstarter
Official Website
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Martin Nedergaard Andersen is a Danish game designer who has published +250 different games around the world. His first work was published in 2007. Outside of inventing games, Martin immerses himself into the world of travel 4-7 months of the year and is also a writer and photographer documenting his travels. The original design of ‘Gachijo’ was developed in collaboration with the team from Banana Moon Studio Sapporo.

Banana Moon Studio Sapporo is an innovation and creative design company led by Hiroshi Maeda who has won many awards in Japan. They are based in Hokkaido, the northernmost part of Japan, and 2020 marked their 30 year anniversary since the company was founded. They started making games in 2019 and publishing games under the brand name Banana Moon Games. They have created 15 game titles, and have run a few successful Kickstarter campaigns including the beautiful 2 player game made by local paper artisans in Japan, “Bossa” and “Bossa 2023”.