Late pledge for Bossa on Indiegogo!

Late Pledges for Bossa are now being accepted on Indiegogo (InDemand)!


"Bossa" is a project that was funded in 8 hours on Kickstarter in March-April 2022 and achieved 1,420%.

This Indiegogo InDemand campaign is for the late pledges, and is seeking backers for the last production quota of this year.
Artisan-made versions will be available in limited quantities.

Since the artisans' schedule is already full, the last production of this year will be ended in early August, and the next production will not resume until May 2023 at the earliest.
Also, as far as we can tell right now, the only place where they will be available for purchase is Japan after this campaign. We do not currently have a retail network outside of Japan.

Don't miss this opportunity!