Bossa 2023 new editions: Kickstarter campaign ended with success! “Arigato”

Thank you so much everyone!
Our Bossa campaign has come to an end. Thanks to the great support of each and every one of our backers, the results have far exceeded our expectations.
We are now moving forward with preparations for production. A detailed schedule plan (including when will the reward survey begins, when will the shipment begins, etc.) will be posted in the next update. Look forward to it!


The Bossa project would not be possible without our collaborators and suppliers. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce them and express our gratitude to them.

  • Dacy Lewis; English translator and video narrator.
  • Masayuki Tadokoro; THE ART edition paper craft artisan.
  • Shichisei Sangyo; CLASSIC-neo/CLASSIC edition paper craft artisan company.
  • Morikawa san and BGM Morikawa-Paper; STANDARD edtion manufacturer.
  • Kondo san and Morita Corp.; THE ART edition and CLASSIC-neo/CLASSIC edition box manufacturer.
  • Takeo Co., Ltd. and Heiwa Paper Co., Ltd.; Paper arrangements.
  • Joel and; Dice arrangements.

Special Thanks to

  • Mandy Tong; Game ambassador, support for the campaign.
  • Alexandre Schmitt; Test play and advice, translation of game rules into French.
  • Federico Rallo; Test play and advice, translation of game rules into Italian.
  • Markus Reubelt;  Translation of game rules into Italian German.
  • Local board gamers; Test play and feedback.
  • And all of Bossa players.