Crowdfunding for the latest title GACHIJO, launching Spring 2024!

Crowdfunding for “GACHIJO: Four Ninjas and the Castle of Treasures,” a treasure hunting game using wits and ninjutsu in a moving maze castle, is scheduled to launch on Kickstarter in Spring 2024.

We are currently preparing to launch it in March or April.
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GACHIJO Four Ninja and the Castle of Treasure

Slide the Sheets and Move the Walls!
Create Paths for the Ninja!

A treasure hunting game using wits and ninjutsu in a moving maze castle

The players are Ninja sent to the castle on a special mission by their warlords.
In the maze of the castle, collect Treasures, Crystals, and Chips to complete the mission.
Slide the maze Walls (transparent sheets) to create paths for the Ninja, use Tools and Weapons, sometimes manipulate specters, and even get some luck to conquer the castle and opponents.

|Players: 2–4|Time: 15–90 min.|Ages: 10+|



GACHIJO Features

1: Moving Maze

Transparent sheets slide under the pieces, and the walls of the maze move!

2: Multiple Stages

Main board design is selectable and replaceable!
The game can be enjoyed with up to 9* different types of stage settings, items and obstacle layouts, from elementary to advanced stages! (*Deluxe edition, if stretch goals are met)

3: Perform Ninjutsu with Strategic Components

Players use a wide variety of components, including standing ninja and specter pieces, treasure and crystal pieces, tools and weapon tokens, various cards and chips, sub-boards, markers to put on the standing pieces, Japanese-style base flags, and more!

4: Designed in Japan, Authentic Japanese Style Design

GACHIJO’s unique world is created by a visual design and characterization that blends Japanese historical facts and fiction. In the development process, we stayed in Iga, one of the birthplaces of the ninja in Japan, to research and learn about its distinctive skills, traditional tools, and history.

From research trip: old throwing knives (left), ninjutsu book of secrets circa 1560 (right)


Learn more about the game

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