GACHIJO in Depth: Ninja Tools and Weapons


The use of Tools and Weapons is an essential ninjutsu for the mission.
GACHIJO features six ninja tools and four weapons. Here is an introduction to the functions of each.
For detailed information on how to use them, please refer to the game rules.



Take, Bamboo Snorkel

A tool used to breathe when diving underwater.

Hashigo, Rope Ladder

A foldable ladder used for climbing up and down roofs.

Nawa, Grappling Hook

A tool with a hook attached to the end of a rope used for climbing over walls.

Nuno, Camouflage Cloth

Wearing it hides the ninja from opponents. It does not work against specters.

Kekkai, Magical Barrier

A tool that creates a boundary to keep out specters. It does not work on the opposing ninja.

Kusuri, Medicine

A secret medicine that heals injuries sustained in attacks from the opposing ninja.




Tsume, Claw

An armament worn on the back of the hand to stab the enemy at close range.

Katana, Ninja Sword

Shorter and less curved than a samurai’s sword. It is used to slash opponents

Shuri, Throwing-Knife

A weapon that is thrown to strike an opponent at a distance.

Kemuri, Smoke Bomb

Generates a smoke screen, allowing the ninja to escape while out of the opponents sight.



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