You can make use of Banana Moon Games official videos, images, and instruction PDFs in the following cases.

When you introduce Banana Moon Games

  • Posting on social media and blogs
  • Use in contents of TV programs and video media (including live streamings)
  • Use in articles in newspapers, magazines, e-books, online news, etc.
  • Use in game introductions, rule explanations, announcements, promotions, and venue decorations at game cafes and game events.

For sales promotion activities by retailers and distributors who have regular transactions with Banana Moon Games

  • Inclusion in POP advertising, promotional printed matter, catalogs, etc.
  • For use in announcements, advertisements, and decorations for sales events and game events
  • Use on social media and websites

Use of the following is prohibited
  • Use in sales and promotional activities by sellers who have no official business relationship with Banana Moon Games (e.g., unauthorized resale)
  • Use in the production of unofficial goods
  • Use in commercial events unrelated to Banana Moon Games products
  • Use in violation of public order and morals

If you have any other questions or concerns about the scope of use, please contact us by e-mail.