GACHIJO in Depth: Story and Characters



GACHIJO, a Legendary Castle with Hidden Treasures

It was the Sengoku Period in the Middle Ages of Japan. GACHIJO, a castle that had been rumored since ancient times but whose location had remained a mystery, was finally discovered deep in the mountains.

According to legend, the castle, which lost its master after an era of prosperity several hundred years ago, still contains hidden treasures with mysterious powers, and whoever possesses them will surely become the ruler of the country.

Word spread quickly among the Tokugawa, Toyotomi, Oda, and Takeda feudal lords, who were eagerly awaiting their chance to reign. They immediately sent their own ninja to the castle, vying to be the first to collect the treasures.

However, the entire castle was a moving maze of ever-changing positions, and the Guardians of the Treasures, in the form of specters, lurked within. In essence, a castle full of traps.



The Tokugawa, Toyotomi, Oda, and Takeda in GACHIJO are all real and well-known warlord families in Japanese history. They were rivals, sometimes allies, sometimes enemies during Japan's Warring States period.
Players take on the role of a ninja sent on a mission by the warlords, and aim to collect hidden treasures, crystals, and items that lie within the castle and return to their own base.


Three-leaf Hollyhock Crest.
In this game, the color of the base is green, the color of the leaves.


Paulownia Flower and Leaf Crest.
The color of the base in this game is light purple, the color of paulownia flowers.


Oriental Melon and Flower Crest.
The color of the base is yellow, which was actually used by warlord Nobunaga Oda for his base flag.


Four-leaf Water Chestnut Crest.
The color of the base is red. This is derived from the fact that all of the units of the Takeda Army actually had their armor and other armaments in a uniform color of red.


The Guardians of the Treasures

The specters Oni, Rokuro, Kappa, and Tengu are the Guardians of the Treasures (GoT). They usually guard the four corners of the Treasure Den, but when the two yin-yang symbols merge, they are summoned into the castle to track down and capture the ninja who has taken the treasure and retrieve it.

Oni, Ogre

A monstrous specter with horns and fangs. It chases the ninja through the walls of the maze and recaptures.

Rokuro, Long-neck Apparition

A female specter with a stretchable neck. When she sees a thief with treasure, she stretches her neck to catch them, even through a wall.

Kappa, Water Imp

A specter with webbed hands and feet. It can capture ninja who escape into water.

Tengu, Long-nosed Goblin

A specter with a long nose, red face, and wings for flying. It chases ninja who carry off treasures to the rooftops.


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