Higher versions of Bossa
Launching on Kickstarter
on March 23, 2022!

* April 14 note: Bossa’s Kickstarter campaign has ended with success. General release will be after shipping to backers is completed. Please wait for further information.


We are to launch a crowdfunding campaign for the higher versions with high quality game components and boxes made by skilled artisans in Japan.

  • CLASSIC Edition
  • THE ART Edition (tentative name)

We appreciate your support.

Campaign period from:
– EST  11:00 AM, Wednesday March 23, 2022
– CET  16:00, Wednesday March 23, 2022
– JST  0:00, Thursday March 24, 2022

Click this link!
> Kickstarter “Bossa” Page

* Initially, we announced that we would launch campaign in mid-January 2022, but due to the time required for preparation, launching date has been changed to March 23, 2022. Thank you for your understanding.

Players: 2
Time: 5-10 min.
Ages: 6+


Classic Edition / The Art Edition
[Contents] Dot tiles: 27, Action markers: 6 (3 types x 2), Dice: 2, Instruction sheets (JP, EN)

Tabletop Game
Predge levels from 500JPY
* Launching on Kickstarter on March 23, 2022.

Bossa - Kickstarter trailer

(About 1.5 min)


How to play

Instruction Video [Advanced rules] – with Classic Edition components

Creative team

Game design: Banana Moon Studio Sapporo
Team leader / Creative director: MAEDA Hiroshi
Planner / Production manager: MAEDA Kumiko
Planner / Graphic designer: YOSHIDA Kinuka, ISHIJIMA Haruna
Researcher: SUGIOKA Rino
Translator: Darcy LEWIS
Game development adviser: SAITO Tomoyuki (RareSightGames)
Paper Craft (tiles): TADOKORO Masayuki, Shichisei Sangyo
Box: Morita


Information on product development, prototyping, and the progress of crowdfunding preparations


We’ve opened a crowdfunding page on Kickstarter!

• Click this link.

• Kickstarter campaign period: March 23 -April 13, 2022


The pre-lot of tiles has been manufactured!

STANDARD Edition tiles are mass-produced offset printing type.

CLASSIC Edition tiles are handcrafted by a paper artisan company in Japan, using uncoated Japanese dyed paper with an attractive natural texture. Dots and icons are foil stamped and shallow embossed.

THE ART Edition tiles have a beautiful cross-section and an attractive weight in the hand. They are handcrafted by a single skilled Japanese artisan and are made of nine layers of Japanese dyed paper in different colors. Dots and icons are foil stamped and deep embossed.


Upper edition tile production in the artisan workshop!

We observed the pre-lot tile manufacturing process. We were so impressed by the delicate handiwork that we took a video of it.


CLASSIC edition, complete with a special box!

The pre-lot of the CLASSIC Edition storage box is complete. This is a V-cut box made by Japanese box-making crafters. The dimensions were repeatedly fine-tuned to achieve a “comfortable fit”.


Bossa booth at Tokyo Game Market 2021 Autumn
  • Saturday, November 20, 2021 and Sunday, November 21, 2021, 11:00-17:00
  • Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, West Exhibition Hall 1, 2
  • Booth number: su-02

With many visitors, the first edition (Standard edition) was almost sold out in two days. Thank you very much.


Reviews and articles

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Classic Edition / The Art Edition
[Contents] Dot tiles: 27, Action markers: 6 (3 types x 2), Dice: 2, Instruction sheets (JP, EN)

Tabletop Game
Predge levels from 500JPY
* Launching on Kickstarter on March 23, 2022.
Classic Edition / The Art Edition
Predge levels from 500JPY