THE ART edition tiles durability – Bossa’s Story 4

::: Written by Hiroshi Maeda, Bossa team leader ::: ::: The other day, I shot a video on my desk about the durability of Bossa THE ART edition. Because those tiles are so delicately handcrafted, one Kickstarter backer asked if they were fragile. This video answers that and I hope to share it with you. ::: […]

Bossa THE ART edition, boxes are also THE ART! – Bossa’s Story 3

::: Written by Hiroshi Maeda, Bossa team leader ::: ::: THE ART edition “mizu” and “hana” are the flagship versions of Bossa.  Today, we would like to share with you some details about the boxes, which were only briefly mentioned on the Kickstarter project main page. The octagonal box designed especially for Bossa THE ART […]

THE ART edition “mizu” and “hana” have a different feel! – Bossa’s Story 2

::: Written by Hiroshi Maeda, Bossa team leader ::: ::: Today, I would like to introduce the difference in the tiles of “mizu” and “hana”, which is not only the color.  THE ART edition “mizu” and “hana” are both flagship versions of Bossa, and have the same “specifications” as far as their 9-layer construction.  However, […]

About Mr. Tadokoro, an amazing paper craft artisan – Bossa’s Story 1

::: Written by Hiroshi Maeda, Bossa team leader ::: ::: The crowdfunding campaign for Bossa (March 24-April 13, 2022 on Kickstarter) has been a success, with over 300 backers in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Oceania, and Africa supporting the project, far exceeding our expectations. We are pleased to announce that […]

Late pledge for Bossa on Indiegogo!

Late Pledges for Bossa are now being accepted on Indiegogo (InDemand)! ::: “Bossa” is a project that was funded in 8 hours on Kickstarter in March-April 2022 and achieved 1,420%. This Indiegogo InDemand campaign is for the late pledges, and is seeking backers for the last production quota of this year.Artisan-made versions will be […]

Join Bossa Online Play Meetings!

Join us and enjoy playing Bossa online with us, and if you’re new to Bossa, welcome! Originally limited to Bossa Kickstarter backers, but now open to gamers interested in Bossa. Play on Tabletopia with conversation via Zoom or Discord. 1-2 hours in small groups. For free. ::: If you are interested in participating, please register […]

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We are preparing an international crowdfunding campaign for our new game Pipo, which sold out in 3 hours at Tokyo Game Market 2022 Spring. If you would like to receive launch notifications, news, and online test play announcements by e-mail, please fill out the form from the link below to subscribe. ::: Pipo Newsletter Subscription […]

Sold out again! We had 2 booths at Tokyo Game Market 2022 Spring.

Tokyo Game Market 2022 Spring Saturday, April 23 and Sunday, April 24, 2022 11:00-17:00Venue: Tokyo Big Sight ::: Tokyo Game Market is the largest analog game event in Japan.Banana Moon Games will be exhibiting at two booths. ::: Banana Moon Booth West Hall 1 [O-13] ::: In addition to the new title “Pipo,” “Gingham Coco,” […]